The media channel that speaks when your customers are listening

Letterbox marketing blends the power of national reach, with the relevance of highly targeted local offers.

Why Letterbox?

Letterbox marketing remains one of the most effective advertising mediums.

It’s highly targeted, extremely affordable and drives sales both in-store and online. Join NZ’s top retailers who invest confidently in Letterbox Marketing – including The Warehouse and Mitre 10, as well as thousands of small kiwi businesses.

“The internet is full of marketing messages. Mailboxes aren’t. That’s why letterbox marketing still works so well in this digital age. It provides greater cut-through and very strong results”.

Struan Abernethy - ReachMedia CEO
Why are more and more companies using letterbox Marketing?

Right place, right time

Letterbox marketing makes it into the household. Consumers browse when they are engaged and ready to shop.

Cost effective

Letterbox marketing is the most cost effective mass marketing method in New Zealand.

Experience driven

Multi-sensory and creative – when you evoke feelings you drive response.

Complements Digital

Consumers use multiple channels to reach purchase – letterbox complements a digital strategy.


More targeted than ever before – letterbox media is optimised and attributable.

Personal & Tangible

Tangible, personal and valued – giving consumers that ‘real’ connection they now crave.

Covering every corner of NZ

Reach over 1.4 million households throughout New Zealand

Box / bag
Sample Delivery

"Unaddressed mail has been part of the advertising mix used by our tutoring centres for many years. It has helped us create and build brand awareness within selected areas, targeting families within the local vicinity of centres. In the early days of a centre opening, we can see up to half our enquiries coming from unaddressed mail."

Jan Gumbley- Marketing Manager


Print and Design

End-to-end solution for letterbox marketing

We can help you with letterbox marketing from strategy and goal setting, through to design, print, targeting and distribution.

We've teamed up with the best creative designers, as well as the largest printers to offer you a one-stop shop for bundled letterbox marketing services.

Mailer targeting

We know what drives people, what pains them, and what excites them

Our proprietary data profiling tools mean we can profile your buyers better than ever before. Squeeze maximum value out of marketing dollars and dial down wastage by delivering flyers to the right households, at the right time.

The most experienced insights team in NZ mail media optimise your letterbox campaigns using demographic, psychographic, transactional, mobile and digital data variables to get the best results for your letterbox campaign.

Audience intelligence

Know your perfect customer and how they behave

Drawing insights from ‘Mosaic’ by Experian, ReachMedia uncovers where your desired customers live and shop, their purchasing behaviours and lifestyle activities.

Tapping into more than 3,000 data variables, we can segment NZ households and layer comprehensive data on top of your existing customer data.

You get next-level insights about who your customers are, and how best to reach them.

Location intelligence

Understand your catchment areas

Our team can map your store locations and customer catchments, enrich it with third party insights and build you the most targeted distribution plans, drilling into:

  • Customer addresses
  • Store locations
  • Marketing territories
  • Competitor locations
  • Customers by drive time and distance
  • Customers by segment
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