Digital solutions that give your customer easy, relevant shopping experiences

Drive your offline marketing strategy harder with integrated digital activity.

A smart marketing plan has many layers and channels. That's how people live their lives and how people buy. Dynamic, integrated catalogues showcase your products, while our reporting dashboard delivers highly detailed insights into your catalogue performance.

Digital Catalogues

Take your print media online with our dynamic digital catalogues tool

Now you can turn your letterbox mailer or PDF catalogue into an interactive masterpiece which appeals to those customers who shop online and on mobile - all while reinforcing your letterbox efforts.

Why are more and more companies using Digital catalogues?

A superior experience for your visitors compared to a 'dead' pdf

Seamlessly embedded into your website

Customers can easily and quickly search for products

E-commerce integration for retail

Shoppers can share your products on social media

Fully responsive meaning it looks slick on any screen anywhere

Great reporting & analytics – learn from shoppers behaviours online

Integrate catalogues with your social and email campaigns

Pack a punch with digital catalogues

Our digital catalogue platform is a market leader, delivering outstanding results around the globe for companies of all sizes.

Page views worldwide
E-Catalogues produced
Average Pages Per Session

The process couldn't be simpler

ReachMedia will digitise your mailer, magazine, catalogue or lookbook and host the publication on your own website with zero effort required from your internal digital team.

Send us your PDF

We digitise it using our design platform

You approve the proof

We push it live

We supply real-time data

We supply ongoing analysis


Marketing Automation

Marketing automation made easy with our all-in-one platform

ReachMedia offers a data driven, automated email marketing platform on which you can control how and when you communicate with your customers using emails.


Retain, recover, reward and inform customers using triggered email strategies built on ReachMedia’s platform.

Drag and Drop

Simple to use, visual drag and drop platform allows you to send automated emails to your leads or customers based on their interests, behaviour or engagement.


Emails can be automatically delivered to customers to advertise special offers, or based on events, such as a purchase or a new customer signup.

Automated email programs average 70.5% higher open rates and 152% higher click-through rates than normal EDMs.

Epsilon Email Institute
Mobile Advertising

Shorten the path to purchase with powerful mobile advertising.

Mobile advertising is a cost-effective way to send highly targeted messages to your customers. It works especially well alongside letterbox marketing and as part of a broad digital campaign.

Geographic Targeting

Our accurate spatial data makes it easy to target customers based on visitation history or in real-time.

Ad Optimisation

Use predictive modelling and AI to make the most of your campaigns. Our performance engine applies machine learning to optimise delivery on the fly.

Custom Audiences

With access to hundreds of data variables such as location, behaviour and demographics, we can build highly targeted audiences.

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