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We are a business that is built on science and experience

ABout us

We are a business that is built on science and experience

With over 2500 customers and counting, we're on a mission to grow NZ businesses.

The world today is a dichotomy of connectedness and isolation. Digital screens feature heavily in peoples’ lives and bring the benefits of quick access to information and solutions. However, consumers also crave human connection and a sense of community, with increasing numbers of consumers valuing tangible information they can experience.

We bridge this gap for brands and consumers.

Our entrepreneurial culture has boldly led us through the rise of everything ‘digital’. We’ve developed a focused range of solutions from letterbox distribution, digital media and data analytics services.

Why work with us?

We're pretty smart

And we’ll share our smarts with you. Whether it's a large-scale data integration project or managing a targeted letterbox campaign, EVERYTHING we do is based on insights. We bring customers the latest in research tools and we’re always coming up with better ways to understand consumer behaviour.

We speak plain English

‘Algorithms’, ‘data integration’ and ‘psycho-metrics’…. Leave the jargon to us and focus on your business. We explain things in plain English and ensure 100% transparency in everything we do from our services, to pricing and reporting.

We're local

Born in NZ, we intimately understand NZ consumer behaviour as well as the challenges facing NZ businesses. Our knowledge and our partners are local and accessible. Together we’re all fueling the NZ economy.

We work with the best

Only the best partners with similar values are selected for data analysis, printing and design. We stick to our knitting as the unaddressed mail experts and the end result is a seamless experience for you from a range of experts in their fields.

We're agile

We pivot on a dime, A/B test, trial and constantly refine initiatives for our customers based on real learnings.

Meet the leadership team

ReachMedia recently positioned Struan at its helm at an exciting time for the business. Bringing with him a wealth of business and leadership experience, Struan is widely recognised as a true thought-leader with a natural aptitude for building engaged cultures and developing people.

Having spent his working life in sales and marketing environments, Struan joined ReachMedia from the Leading Edge Group where he led a number of separate businesses locally and globally in his role of Group CEO.

He is heavily invested in ‘NZ Inc’ and as a recent ‘graduate’ of contemporary leadership program – Hiakai, Struan is a driving force in putting our little corner of the world on the global stage.

Self-dubbed ‘the dinosaur’ of the ReachMedia leadership team, Aaron’s 11 years living and breathing the printed media industry has well-positioned him to lead innovation and performance for ReachMedia clients through industry-leading ICT tools.

With a past career immersed in business analytics, procurement and contract management, Aaron is your true, relentless high performer – motivated to extract the best from his people and deliver results for clients.

Proudly hailing from the South Island's West Coast, he’s a competitive whitebaiter and takes switching off very seriously during the whitebaiting season…

Having cut his teeth in the field of accounting back in the day, Chartered Accountant Neil brings a huge volume of financial, commercial and legal nous to the ReachMedia leadership team.

With over 20 years of senior-level experience across a variety of competitive industries including Pernod Ricard, Nissan and Vodafone, Neil provides strategic support and a well-honed skill set for evolving brands sustainably.

Balancing the numbers with the outdoors, Neil pretends he can still play hockey with the best of them, coaches his sons’ sports team and finds time to wrestle with the occasional snapper.

Tim is a data ‘native’. For more than 15 years he’s held roles in Innovation and Product Development, most recently feeding his interest in data-driven marketing solutions to grow NZ businesses.

A big fan of the ReachMedia way of working, he’s worn many hats during his time here including pioneering audience targeting and measurement solutions across letterbox, digital and out-of-home media channels.

Tim developed a passion for statistics in junior cricket where, if we're being honest, he showed more talent for keeping the batting averages than scoring runs. There’s still time for that sporting prowess to shine…

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